photo SPOTTO

SPOTTO is a very popular kids’ game that’s gone to a different level here and is bound to take the game world by storm. If you like treasure hunt, you will love photo SPOTTO!

Players compete by taking photos from categories of Cars, Other Vehicles, Street Signs, Aircraft, Birds, Animals, Critters and Flowers.

Each player has a timer. If YELLOW CARS is chosen from the cars category, they try and take photos of as many yellow cars as they can within the chosen time limit of 5, 10 or 20 minute games.

A tally of the score is kept in the Scoreboard Section. Players can then compare and verify the number of photos of yellow cars (in this example). The player with the highest score wins.

If the score is a draw the players compare the time at which the photos were taken -every photo is captured by the timer and photos can be deleted if players disagree.

This game can be played by passengers in a car, at home, on outings or anywhere you like. You can play with friends and family or test your ‘photo SPOTTING’ skills by playing individually.

There are 8 categories and 73 sub categories ensuring you never get bored. Checkout the screenshots and see for yourself.


Look forward to long car trips, a great boredom buster.

Play anywhere and anytime

Compete with your friends/ family or test your skills individually

8 categories to choose from and 73 sub categories

How to Play/Rules

Chose a category: Cars, Other Vehicles, Aircraft, Street Signs, Animals, Critters, Birds, Flowers

1. Chose the game duration: 5, 10, 20 minutes

2. All players press the chosen object button (eg. Yellow Cars) at the same time to start their timer and the game begins.

3. When the game is finished, compare the number of captured photos (1 point per photo) with fellow players in the Scoreboard Section. Any shots that are disputed by other players can be deleted. For example, any photos that do not have a yellow car or when other players disagree that the photo shows a yellow car. The player with the most (valid) photos and highest points wins.

If there is a draw, compare the times the photos were captured and the player with the fastest time wins.

Disclaimer: Please follow all local restrictions, rules, laws and regulations in regards to taking photos. The developer takes no responsibility for failing to do so.

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