Photo Revenge

Isn’t there someone you’d just love to use for target practice? Don’t go to the trouble of printing a photo, buying darts, and messing up your walls — just download Photo Revenge instead!

Pick any picture you want from your existing photo library (or use Safari to save an image from the Web into your Photo Library first). Then, set the target exactly where you want it. Of course, the face is popular…but maybe you’d enjoy targeting the mid-section more? Place it wherever you fancy…

Know your ready to the throw the cleavers. Just aim, lock, and throw and release. Your device’s touch screen and accelerometer make this a breeze.

If you don’t want to hear the dark techno music, the knives “whoosh-whooshing” through the air, and the “gush” of a direct hit, just turn your speaker down.

After a while, you may feel as if your target has been hit too many times, and there are not more good open shots left. Just shake your device left and right a few times, and all of the knives will fall to the ground with metallic clink — and you can start all over again.

So, who’s it going to be? Your least favorite politician? Ex-politician? Athlete? Talk show host? American Idol judge? Actor? Hey, it’s your call, we just want to make it therapeutically easy for your to let out your frustrations.

Oh, by the way, Photo Revenge will keep track of your score, too. You get 5 points for landing a shot in the outer ring of the bullseye; 10 points for the middle ring; and 25 points for hitting the center.

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