Photo Puzzle App – FREE & Fun Social Media Sharing Photos App turns Pics into Puzzles to Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagr

Guess What’s the Pic and Words Puzzles? ~ Load Images, Add Photo Captions, Share your Puzzler with Friends to Quiz your Pics
“It should be one of the top free kids games very soon!”★★★★★
“A FREE photo puzzle app game to share & enjoy with your friends!”★★★★★
The puzzle photo creator lets you insert captions or messages onto your iPhone camera photos. It scrambles the words, and turns the entire image into a fun jigsaw puzzle with one click.

“If you love word games, brain games, logic or strategy puzzles, and like snapping pics, then you’ll love this awesome photography app!”★★★★★

Use the photo messenger feature to share on the social media sites or social networks you belong to. Whether it’s funny jokes to share, or you’re playing a prank on someone, or you just want to have a good time on your phone, you’ll find this addicting.

★ Fun, easy to use, and Instant images sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Contacts

★ Upload & Pin Puzzles to your to Pinterest boards, or Instagram

★ Interact with friends and family in your network

★ Supports iPhone 5

★ Saves Photos and Messages for reuse

★ Choose from 3 different levels of difficulty from easiest to hardest

★ Select from 5 Different font types, sizes and 3 types of placements

★ And much, much more…

It’s like sending a top secret ecard message to someone:-)

Draw on your friends and family to decode ‘secret’ word scrambler messages in the sliding puzzle games you’ve created. Then invite these code breakers to post their own swipe puzzle message for you to try!

“Very cool! A mobile app to create and share puzzle messages one social networking sites…it’s the best of both worlds!”★★★★★

If you or anyone you know is a fan of stimulating sudoku games, or angry birds, tetris, or bejeweled, and use photo apps like Instagram, tumblr, flickr, or Photo Editor, they’ll be entertained for hours with the sliding tile puzzle you create.

Check information in the screenshots and see for yourself!

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