Photo Phrase Free – Sketch + Photos With Friends

★★★★★ “The next evolution of Draw Something!” – LydiaB
★★★★★ “Like Charades meets Pictionary!” – Emma

We give you a hilarious caption. Use photos, drawings, or stickers to act out the phrase. Make a face, strike a pose, find an object around your house, or even sketch with rad tools! Your friends and family get points for guessing the answer as quickly as possible.

Double the fun with TWO styles of word game: Unscramble and Hangman. See how many points you and your friends can rack up! And create some of the funniest pictures of your life in the meantime.


• Hook up with friends through Email or Facebook, or find a random partner
• Browse and rate the best creations by other players from around the world.
• Play at your own pace, with many games going at once
• Turn on push notifications to know when it is your turn
• Play from the same account on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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