Photo Parody

“PHOTO PARODY” is a revolution of photo hunt game that allows you to create the game by editing your own photos and to challenge with your friends. No more stage limit, no more boring preset photos, you’ll be having the greatest enjoyment and passion with your friends as you are literally hunting the photos that are taken with your friends, lover or family.


★★★★★ Can’t imagine I can create my own spot the difference game that easily, can’t stop playing and laughing with my friends!

★★★★★ Guess what? I’ve proposed to my girlfriend by asking her to play “Photo Parody”, one of the spot she’s found was a wedding ring that’s placed on my hand. And finally, she said yes! Thank you so much guys!

★★★★★ I’ve played loads of spot the difference game, but I’d always get bored when all the stages were cleared. With the unlimited stages of “Photo Parody”, I now can really enjoy playing it with my friends and it’s always fun to play on my friends’ photos!


· Easily edited photo features, “Rubber Stamp”, “Change Color”, and “Drawing (unlock at PRO version)”

· Connection to the Facebook account, your friends can freely join in

· Turn based game, you can enjoy playing it whenever you’ve time

· Share function, you can share your photo creation on your Facebook

· Push Notification, you’ll never ever miss a turn when it’s ready

· Exciting game rules and tools, you can use your magnifier to reveal spots and draw time from your time bank for a longer game timer

· Purchase our PRO version at only $0.99 with more game time, features and ad-free


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