PHLIP is an intriguing and addictive visual puzzle aimed at children and inquisitive adults of all ages.

“Curious Hat has taken puzzle technology to the next level.”
“Every parent and child who we used this app with LOVED it!”

PHLIP has gone free in conjunction with for Free App Friday

✽ Snap
Take a picture of something around you, which is visually complex and challenging.
You can also choose an image from your Camera Album, but the puzzle becomes a lot more interesting when you search around for a new and unusual image.

✽ Shuffle
Divide your image up into a number of tiles. The amount is up to you.
Give the tiles a quick shuffle.
The tiles will rotate, but will not swap places.

✽ Solve
Tilt the device clockwise or counter-clockwise to rotate the tiles by 90 degrees with each tilt motion.
Tap on a tile to prevent its rotation when you think it’s in the correct position..
When all the tiles are back in their original order – you win!

✽ Share
Share a puzzle with your friends and family via email and challenge them to beat your record of best moves!

The complexity of the puzzle is completely in the hands of the player. The image used and the number of tiles determine the complexity of the visual challenge.
The player is stimulated to explore around him/her for the most intriguing image to use.

PHLIP goes far beyond a simple puzzle, in that it stimulates visual research and critical observation, helping children to improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and their social skills all at the same time.

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