Complete DNA strands in a unique and twisty puzzle game to earn coins that can be used to create the ultimate critter.

Twist the helix to make the colors line up just right to pull off that Mega Combo! The higher the level, the faster the game, and the more ridiculous the hazards. Battle disappearing pieces, radiation blasts that destroy your DNA, and magical color changing pieces to rack up huge scores. The higher the score, the more coins you earn.

Use your coins to unlock new body shapes, skins, arms, eyes, legs, mouths, tails, and hats to create your very own critter. With over 50 million unique combinations, you can spend 2 minutes or 2 years trying on all the parts to get that perfect look.

Key Features:
▪Innovative, twisty puzzle game play
▪Fast paced puzzles, huge scores, massive combos
▪Deep and involved character customization
▪Over 50 million different critters can be made
▪Over 90 unlockable pieces
▪Fun and interactive critters

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