All pf rulebooks at the cost of a beer. NO IN APP PURCHASE!!!!
PFRPG rd is the ultimate reference document for d20 3.75 system RPG. The application will give you ALL rulebooks released under OGL and will do it without inApp purchase. (Third party matherial COULD BE NOT OGL, so we can’t provide it).

When a new content will be released as OGC the app will be updated to include this content; I assure you that there will never be a inAPP purchase system.
PFRPG is always up to date, and gives you the best searching system ever proposed for an application of this type. Fast, easy to use the searching system is a realtime search. The result will be instantaneous.
You can also save your own bookmarks, and it is iPhone and iPad native.

Save your time for searching on real rulebooks. Save your money from buying real rulebooks. This application will give you all you need.

APP Contents:
– Player handbook
– Ultimate Magic
– Ultimate Combat
– Bestiary (Reprint)
– Bestiary 2
– Bestiary 3
– Mastery
– Advanced Race Guide
– Ultimate Equipment
– NPC Codex

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