PF Battle

PF Battle is a great initiative Tracker, it is a monster reference, it is a DM helper for rolling monsters’ attacks, it is a simple player manager…

PF Battle is a complete PF RPG battle manager.

The only and definitive battle manager for your PF RPG live sessions.

This tool will give you a complete and freely updated library of managed monsters. You will have the ability to easy create your battles, manage initiative, monster attacks, special attacks, see spells… you can have a complete monster sheet at your finger tips. No need of books. All feats, all rules in one place. No need to hard searching in expansive books for rules.
Time saver, money saver, you can have it! It’s PF Battle.

I’ve dreamed this app since i was a beginner in this great game.

If you know my work with PFRPG rd you know that what i’m saying is true.
Thank you for your support.

Save your time! Enjoy PF Battle.

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