PEXESOMANIA is a classical memory match game, but it is also unique, because you can choose various combinations of the games. It is suitable for all ages. Preschool children can play the simple game with pictures of animals. Older children may choose more difficulty variant and play against each other in the multiplayer game. Adult fans of memory match games will appreciate the very difficult and original sets of cards. In fact you get 63 games in one. Accelerate the progress of your children and improve your memory. The best thing about it – it is a great fun.

How to play
Touch on the pictures to find the matching pairs. In the Game Center, Multiplayer game turns back the cards automatically. In other cases you have to tap to turn the cards back. The game ends when all cards are removed.

* pay one low price for all iOS 4 and iOS 5 devices
* Easy to pickup & play
* Multiplayer game on one device or by network via Game Center
* Game Center leaderboard
* Campaign game with 18 levels
* Listening 5 beautiful & Relaxing Soundtracks or you can turn off game music and sound effects for listening your favorite iTunes music.
* True iPad or iPhone resolutions
* Supports iOS4 Multitasking / Fast-Switching

Let’s try and enjoy PEXESOMANIA NOW

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