Pets vs. Robots: It's raining Cats and !@*# – FREE

Pets vs. Robots! – Episode 1: It’s raining cats and !@*#

******* NEW in this version *******
>> Vaporizer Umbrella
Eradicate enemies on contact
>> Spear Umbrella
Knock the enemies out of the sky!
>> Slow Time
Make time slow to half of normal
>> Sieve Umbrella
Allow seeds to pass thru while blocking enemies
>> Cup Umbrella
Upside down umbrella that can collect and toss animals in interesting ways.
>> Super Bounce Umbrella
>> Magnet Umbrella

It’s war! No, not really, but these pets and robots are definitely getting in each others way.

In this first episode, robots just want to bring some joy to our harsh cities by maintaining the most beautiful roof tops full of flowers and greenery – but noooo… random animals are falling out of the sky, landing on the roof gardens and bringing about unwelcome chaos.

** So then, now what? **

– Control your trusted umbrella-toting robot “ROOF-us” to bounce the undesirable animals off the roof, and only let the flower seeds fall onto the gardens.

– Look out for the friend robot “st-EVE” who is patrolling the skies and lending a helping hand (he will drop power ups and take care of some of these animals himself).

– Explore and defend different cities throughout the world.

– Pick from 2 different control schemes that suits your playing style.
>> Swipe anywhere using simple up/left/right gestures to move your robot.
>> OR arcade style on-screen buttons for a retro feel.

– Show off your skills and compete with others on global leader board and achievements.

Happy bouncing!

** This FREE version displays ads **

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