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Cheap Shot: Pet Sematary

Hate it or love it, Pet Sematary was a film that has managed to acquire the type of cult status that many horror flicks could only dream of. Conceived of by the demented mind of Stephen King, the story touches on themes of love, loss, desperation, and the consequences of altering the Big Kahuna’s grand plan. This game based on the Pet Sematary lore isn’t the best representation of the classic film, but it’s also not the worst game out there.

Pet Sematary’s action is reminiscent of other topdown “Whack-a-Mole” style games. Set in an overrun neighborhood, you have to shoot evil creatures while sparing idiotic human beings aimlessly walking around. Not all monsters are created equal, as demonic cats die easier than a possessed child, for example.

Scary bad.

Collecting orbs and other bonuses are ways to pile on additional points. Each level is timed, and the intensity of the evil ones get more pronounced as you go. After you breeze through the anemic number of levels in Pet Sematary, you can immortalize your performance on local leaderboards or Facebook Connect.

To be painfully honest, Pet Sematary isn’t anything new or exciting. The game is solid mechanically, but that doesn’t mean it’s fun. Like the bodies of dead carcasses reborn from the movies’ mythical cemetery, this game is lifeless and devoid of a soul.