Perplexo Words

Play Carried Away Game’s original word building game in a multiplayer match against friends or random opponents through Game Center. Or if single player suits you best, work your way through 48 challenging levels. Perplexo Words combines elements of crosswords, anagrams and other popular word games. If you think you have a strong vocabulary and a nimble mind, Perplexo Words is the game for you.

In the game, you examine the game board, identify good places to spell words of four letters or greater, and then **REARRANGE** the letters, utilizing the Pool to save important letters for use later. Spell as many words as possible (left-to-right and top-to-bottom) before your Moves run out.

★ Freedom to spell what you want
★ Finish Tests to get bonuses
★ Use the Pool to save letters
★ Longer words = more points
★ Spell words crosswords style
★ Special Wild/Multiplier letters
★ 48 single player levels
★ Head-to-head play through Game Center
★ Compare scores in Game Center

-Game Center
-At least iOS 4.1
-At least an iPhone 3GS or 2nd Gen iPod Touch

Perplexo Words is also great for improving spelling, vocabulary and mental agility!

Look for updates that will add more levels and content!

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