“Eschews much of the trappings of modern gaming to be a pure, untouched package.” – 148 Apps

“Fruit Ninja for smart people.” –

A relaxing puzzle game in which you cut shapes to fit into outlines.

-An infinite number of puzzles, each generated randomly to be unique and interesting.
-A gorgeous, soothing soundtrack composed by Omni-Psyence
-Simple, forgiving gameplay. Take as long as you want, use as many cuts as you want, and skip any shape you want.
-Or: challenge yourself to conquer each shape in as few cuts as possible, with 3 selectable levels of complexity.

Perfection Review

Perfection is a puzzle game that can be easily summed up as simple, but not simply summed up as easy. The idea is that you are given a randomly-generated mass, and an overlaying shape that you’re meant to “carve” that mass into, as closely as you can and with as few turns as possible. It sounds simple, but the visual overlay of your objective is not placed 1:1 with where the finished carving would be. Read More →