Pepe Up Free

Pepes want to jump higher!

The most challenging jumping game ever! Tilt your device, let your little cute Pepe jump among the leaves and see how high it is able to reach, but do look out for those birds flying in the sky – they can hold you back in many cases, however we believe that you won’t shrink from the difficulties. Take off! find a way to jump higher!

Five cute characters and five beautiful backgrounds for you to select for the looking change, PepeBunny, PepeCat, PepeMonkey, PepePig and PepePanda are all there waiting for you! You will have up to 25 combinations to make your game look fresh everyday! What you’ve got to do is collecting the red apples while jumping, as many as you can! They can be used to unlock those themes in game.

Ten handy achievement items could be discovered over time, use them to approach a new height! Can you discover all of them? It’s not easy anyway.

Have more fun!

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