PEP the dragon

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Jump, run, and blast your way through 10 unique cartoon worlds filled with
danger, treasure and magical spells in this classic platforming adventure!

Help PEP the little dragon to rescue his unicorn friend
JOSY from the evil clutches of PHOLON.

Tilt (or use on-screen control buttons) to run and tap to jump
and explore the magical worlds full of treasures and diamonds.

There are also many different magic spells to collect and use:
Ice line drawing, fireballs, rainbow rays, soap bubbles
and a powerful magic guardian.
Each will enhance your magic powers and help you
defeat PHOLON’s hordes of aggressive enemies.


– Classic jump’n’run platforming action
– Beautifully rendered cartoon graphic
environments and characters
– 10 unique worlds to unlock
– 5 magic spells: ice line drawing, fireballs,
rainbow rays, soap bubbles and magic guardian
– 2 control options: BALANCE (tilt device)
or ARCADE (on-screen buttons)
– 12 original music tracks
– High score ranking
– Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
– 4 languages: English, German, Spanish, French
– Game-Center Support

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