Pentopolis HD

Pentopolis is a classic base-5 blocks game with Game Center support. Get in the game and challenge your friends!

Create horizontal lines without a gap by properly arranging the blocks. Level up and get a new part for the building at each stage. Use the bomb to clear the playground.

Clear more lines at once to get a high score.

Move – Tap the playfield and drag
Rotate – Tap on the playfield
Slow Pull-Down – Tap on the block and drag down
Fast Drop – Press the drop button
Bomb – Touch the bomb symbol to clear the playground

– Easy-to-Play Controls
– Block Preview (available via In-App Purchase – press the coin!)
– Game Center Support
– Tons of Achievements
– Leaderboard
– High Quality Graphics (supports iPhone 4 Retina Display)
– Support for iOS 4.1

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