This refreshingly simple and elegant yet incredibly satisfying design and unlimited gameplay of our Pentamino puzzle game is a perfect fit for mobile’s small screen.
By simple but unique patented twist, Pentamino offers you an immense puzzling joy. Pentamino is a leap forward from an old traditional Pentomino game and other similar puzzling games. Pentamino game by Pentamino, Inc. is based on 5 tetrominoes and 12 pentominoes (polyominoes were invented by Dr. Solomon Golomb in 1953), US Pat. No. 6,352,475 & 6,579,177 and other patents pending.
Enjoy full freedom of pieces placing anywhere in an empty playing field. When you fill a column or row, they disappear, freeing those places. Play smart to jump levels and earn as many lives as possible. See how high you can get!
You may use playing buttons, or for a faster play move playing piece without command buttons in a very user-friendly way. Please, check Instructions to learn how.
Besides infinite levels, endless fun and excitement this game is also a powerful teaching tool to increase spatial intelligence.
This game is not built by a multibillion dollar corporation with a big development team. Therefore: no super fancy 3D graphics and no in-game purchases, yet.
This application does not require internet connectivity.
IMPORTANT: Application doesn’t work on iPhone 1 and iPhone 3. Do not download! We are working on solution for these as well. However, on iPhone 4 and up it runs very smooth and never crushes.

If you like puzzle games, you will LOVE our Pentamino.
Please play responsibly!