Are you looking for better game than SudoKu? Here is PentaKu! Now integrated with Game Center!

PentaKu is 21’st century game!

PentaKu has five overlapping 3 by 3 grids in such a way that center grid shares 1 cell with other 4 grids.

The goal is to place the numbers 1 through 7 into the 40 resulting boxes subject to these constraints:

1> No number can be repeated on any row, column.
2> If the row or column has 6 cells, the sum should be 21
3> If the row or column has 7 cells, the sum should be 28
4>The 4’th row and columns are excluded from these constraints as it has only 2 numbers!

The puzzle is posed with some numbers (the “givens”) already filled in.
Player has to fill in the rest empty cells.

There is hint provided at any level! There are about 20 levels, you jump to next level when you win 3 games in row.

Features include:

– Puzzle generator for unlimited play

– More than twenty difficulty levels

– User interface optimized for touches

– Never covers up the board while you are playing

– Automatically saves your game when you get a phone call, switch applications, or lock the phone

– Can listen to iPod music while playing.

Discover PentaKu Joy!

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