PentaGun is a fairly simple game requiring quick reflexes. The main goal of this game is to just shoot down the balls that are falling down the screen. And to do that there are five guns provided.
The five guns are fixed at the bottom of the screen, and the idea is to shoot down the balls before they hit the guns. Tap on the gun and it will fire. Since the guns are fixed, the bullet trajectory is also straight ahead; you can also fire bullets by tapping on the screen, corresponding to the path of a particular gun.

Keep firing at the balls to keep your scores high. If you miss a ball, you will lose a life. There are three lives available in the game.

But danger comes in the form of the flickering red ball. If you fire at it, the game is over!!! So as you fire at the other balls, keep an eye on the flickering red balls that could mean the end of your game.

There are, however, two bonus balls to help you out. The sparkling green balls will restore lives – fire on them to get back any lost life. There are also the golden balls; fire at them and see the change. The bullets change, and the scoring system changes – you get more points for every hit from them on. The golden ball effect remains till you miss a ball and it hits the gun! After that, you are back on the normal scoring system.
The game is exciting, and highly playable, and will have you playing for many hours!
In a nutshell, this game keeps you occupied.

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