Penny Soccer

Penny Soccer is fun multi-player game were the object of the game is to launch a penny into your opponents goal to score points but, you have to use your angles and control the penny’s speed to get the Penny into your opponents goal. Penny Soccer will provide you and a friend with countless hours of entertainment.

How To Play:

1.) Decide who goes first (Try flipping a penny if you cannot decide.)

2.) The player whose turn it is then places their finger on the penny. The player then drags in the direction they wish to launch the penny, and raises their finger when they want to launch it. The further their finger is away from the penny the more powerful the shot.

3.) Players take turns launching the penny. The first player to get the penny in their opponent’s goal five times wins the game.

4.) If a player goes out of turn or cheats the other player gets an extra turn.

Note: If you wish you may change the rules to your liking.

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