The penguins have climbed to the top of a castle made of ice and need your help to get down!

In PenguinZ you must smash ice blocks of the same color to help your friends get down. Tap ice blocks of the same color that are next to each other to make this happen.

Be careful though, as reckless abandon in choosing smashing ice can cause the penguins to get stuck.

There are old under-water mines stuck in some of the ice blocks that can help you smash large sections of ice. Tap them when next to each other to cause a huge explosion!

Do you have what it takes to get your friends down?

– Over 20 levels to play through
– Use the old mines to blow up huge sections of the ice
– Unlock 10 awards through the Agon online gaming system
– Publish your scores and awards to Twitter and Facebook
– Compete with other for the highest score and level across the Globe

Visit for more information!

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