PenguiN WacK Ice Blocks

Bully the Bull Penguin and his mates Roundy and Dizzy are hungry and need your help to eat more fish !!!

PenguiN WacK Ice Blocks is a fun physics based puzzle game with 45 levels,cool effects and cute graphics. Your mission is to get the penguin to the fish by eliminating all the other blocks. Once all blocks have been destroyed and the penguin is on the fish block press the “Feed Me” button to feed the penguin then watch him dance.

But watch out if the penguin hits the ground he will die.


– Dancing penguins!
– Flying fish!
– Cool visual and sound effects, graphics and music!
– 3 worlds with 3 different penguins!
– 45 levels a mixture of tricky and easy!
– Facebook & Twitter!
– Ad free for your enjoyment!

A game for everyone to enjoy. Go on get it now …

The app is optimised for an iPhone or iPod touch running IOS 4.3 or later.

Playing puzzle games keeps your brain alert and enhances your concentration.

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