Penguin Fight

### YES!! This is the app ranked as the BEST FREE APP in Korea!!!
### Finally, we upgrade this app according to users’ good suggestions.

Take your iPad/iPhone, then join Penguin Fight World you have never experienced before!!!

“Give it back!”,A penguin shout to another,
What happens to them? Do you want the answer?
Play Penguin Fight!


## Upgrade Features ##

* Improved your cute penguin control
* Added fatal weapon
* Added various shelters in various maps
* Revealed penguin fight story

## Features ##

* Single or Multi-player game mode
* Multi-player in one device!
*** If you have iPad, you must try this!
* Control your penguin with simple touches
* Each penguin has its own weapon and ability.
* Support any iOS version
* Free!!!


Beat your friends or well disciplined AI player right now!!!

Any suggestions about Penguin Fight is welcome!
We will continuously update our product according to your creative ideas.

Enjoy Penguin Fight!

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