Pengi HD – penguin logic puzzles – very Addictive!


Our award winning iPhone game Pengi is now on the iPad!


✩ “Wow! Just wow!” –

✩ “Game that you can start playing for just a few moments then realize that an hour has gone by … deceptively brilliant and offers a heck of a lot of longevity” –

✩ “Clever…great value” –

✩ “Highly addictive and well-designed” –


With over 25,000 distinct puzzles, you will have fun sliding these cute penguins for hours!

Each puzzle consists of a single, unique solution!

The goal is simple. Slide the penguins in any direction along the ice, but make sure that each one ends up on the spot that matches its own color in the amount of moves indicated.


✓ Leaderboards
✓ Achievements
✓ Extremely easy to learn game
✓ Amazing animations and graphics
✓ Brand new puzzle concept
✓ 32 Levels (increasing in difficulty)
✓ Over 25,000 unique puzzles (no two puzzles are ever the same)
✓ Each puzzle has only 1 solution!
✓ Perfect for all ages and abilities
✓ Hints on each level
✓ In-game tutorial
✓ Great replay value
✓ Be warned – very addicting puzzles!

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