Penelope Free

Meet Penelope

Penelope is a teenage girl who works at her father’s Emeracite mine after school each day.

Emeracite is a volatile material which is used to power small villages that are off the main power grid of the large cities.

The mining facility is quite old and the central power converter will occasionally blow its top, spewing all the converted Emeracite energy orbs into the air.

Penelope’s job is simple: she collects them all and deposits them back into the central power converter before they dissipate and lose their energy.

Her father will only pay her for the amount of orbs she saves everyday.

At the beginning of the game, the central power converter will rumble and then spit out around 100 energy orbs.
The orbs are randomly placed around the level to be collected within a set amount of time.

Score is based upon how many energy orbs are deposited into the central power converter before the time runs out.

A minimum number of Orbs must be collected before time is up.
The player’s objective is to collect as many energy orbs as they can before the timer runs out and the orbs disappear.

In order for the collected orbs to count towards their score they must be deposited back into the central power converter.

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