Pellex2 HD

Pellex 2 HD is a puzzle game in matrix form. You have to solve the puzzle by rotating dice to turn them all into the same color. The matrix has only two colors, yellow and red, hence the name Pellex 2.

The goal of this game is to make all dice have the same color with the least possible rotations.

The main challenge is the dice drag. Whenever you turn a dice it will drag consecutive dice into the same roll. The level you choose will determine the dice matrix size and the number of dice dragged. The matrix size can be from 3×3 (9 dice) up to 7×7 (49 dice), and the dice drag from 2 to 6.

Pellex 2 HD is intellectually challenging for all ages. Although it has a simple appearance and an easy game play it also has increasing levels of difficulty to challenge your mental agility.

Future Pellex games will see an increase in the number of colors and therefore be a greater challenge.

Key features:
– The scoreboard will save your best 50 games, based on number of turns.
– Mode Normal with 10 levels of increasing difficulty.
– Mode Quest with over 300 challenges.
– Great graphics with quality Retina display and sound effects.
– Ideal for the intellectual development of children.
– Detailed information of the game elements.

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