Peepsqueaks' Little Professor

Introducing the Peepsqueaks’ Little Professor children’s quiz. Aimed at children from 4-8yrs this quiz incorporates questions that will both entertain and challenge little minds whilst helping them learn about a wide range of subjects including, science and nature, geography, maths, English and history as well as a few music and film questions added for good measure!

Our question difficulty is varied; whilst some are very simple others will test their knowledge just that little bit further, in addition all of the answers are in multiple choice format. Below are a couple of examples of questions included in this App. We hope that your little professors have as much fun taking part in our quiz as we did putting it together.

Sample Question One
What piece of equipment is used to measure temperature?
A. Ruler
B. Thermometer
C. Weather Vane

Sample Question Two
The first English man to sail around the world was?
A.Fred Swift
B.Francis Drake
C.Frank Swan

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