Peep Peep Gotcha

★☆Use cat’s beam to catch the chicken!★☆

■Cat vs Chicken war

The cats were controlling the farm and collecting the chicken as food. However, the chicken gathered together and ran away.

The running away of the important “food” angered the cats. They chased the chicken on the great grassland.

【How To Play】
(1)Tap on the screen to activate the cat’s beam! Chicken are caught if they are hit by the beam!
(2)Drag the chicken to home at the left side of the screen!
(3)You can use two fingers to scroll to move the stage!

Catching chicken can increase the level. To catch strong chicken, high level is required.

Use the beam to destroy the bush to get hidden power up items!
What is the highest level you can get?!

Go to the collection page to check the cat level you reached and chicken types you caught!

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