“★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Smooth game, a wicked concept, a beautiful presentation” –

“A revolutionary multiplayer guessing game” – Apps on Tapp

“App of the Month” – Corona Labs


Can you guess the Photo?

Play Peek!, a one of a kind multiplayer guessing game. Its a fun turn-based game where you challenge friends (or strangers) to guess a secret word correctly based on a photo you share with them. The photo is initially hidden by tiles with one tile removed to allow them to peek at the photo. You can take turns and can peek by revealing tiles with each turn.

Download the app now and experience a ridiculously engaging game first hand!

Our aim is to entertain you with a new addiction! Have a go and please let us know what you truly think of it!


• Challenge your friends!
Play against Facebook friends or be matched with a random player.

• No photography skills required!
Use your camera and snap away or select one from your photo library.

• Turn-based gameplay!
Submit and/or play your turn at your own pace. There is no rush at all!

• Create your own words!
A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Describe your photo in any way you want as long as its one word and a maximum of 8 characters (Only the A – Z characters, no symbols or numeric characters).

• Peeks!
Struggling to guess the word? Use your ‘peeks!’ to gradually reveal a tile of your choice or use coins to buy more ‘peeks!”.

• Earning Coins!
Coins are earned by guessing the photo correctly and you can buy them too from the in-app store.

• Push Notification!
Will let you know when it’s your turn. Get ready Peekers!

• Play up to 20 games simultaneously!

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