Peek-a-Boo Memory

Peek -a- Boo Memory is a fun twist on the classic game of memory which helps children build memory skills and learn the alphabet. Colorful cards take center stage as you simply touch the screen to flip the cards and make matches!

As you continue to play and grow in ability, the game unlocks more challenging layout options and 12 unique card designs to play with.

The Game Index is a place to take a break from matching and learn about the animals pictured on the playing cards. It’s a relaxing fact-filled place for learning about the animal kingdom.

Peek -a- Boo Memory is a safe, educational game and is so easy to use your child can learn independently. The experience is enriched when you join your child and learn together, it’s fun to cozy on the couch or in the nursery and play Peek -a- Boo Memory.

The game will also keep little ones occupied in the car, restaurants, around the house, or anywhere you are on-the-go with a mobile device.

Key Features:

* Easy to play! Just tap the cards to flip them over and use your memory to make matches.

* 3 ways to match and play!
– Animal Icons to Letters of the Alphabet
– Animal Icons to Animal Icons
– Color Cards to Object Icons

* 12 unique card back designs to unlock and play with

* Complete Index of animal card information

* A safe, colorful learning environment

* Helps strengthen memory and alphabet recognition skills

* A game for families to play and learn together

* A solitary game that children can use to learn independently

{Developer Note} We are aware of a slight offset that is occurring in the art for the iPad version and we are working to correct this now. The iPad update will release very soon! Thank you for playing! ~Sappling Games

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