Peeco Online




威力无比的连击,帮助你领略对战的真谛 丰富的道具,有趣和实用的完美结合


1.规则: 经典的方块下落满行消行规则,试炼破阵模式中,消掉预置图案即可解锁下个
3.操作: 全触控手势操作,点击屏幕旋转方块,左右拖动方块,屏幕下扫手势让方块直落,屏幕上扫手势将当前方块暂时存起并取出上次存入的方块。
4.道具说明 目前支持2类道具。进攻类道具可以让你的对手停止几秒钟,或者给你的对手加上几行方块。防守类道具可以帮助自己消掉几行,大重锤消掉中间3列,大塌缩将所有空隙压实并消掉塌缩后的满行。

Peeco is an online multi-player “block falling” game. In addition to the classic mode and adventure mode, in Peeco you can also play with other players online in real time. On top of that, there are a lot of magic items for you to use. You can either use them to help yourself getting out of trouble or making some troubles for your opponents.

Magic Items:
We have designed some magic items to make this game more fun. You can purchase coins in the store and use the coins to purchase these magic items. To use them, just tap the magic item, release and tap the player on whom you wish to apply the magic item.

Fighting Mode:
You can play online with other people. Yeah! Real people in real time! You can also just play with the Robot if you want to get some practices.

When you clear n (n >2) lines at once, (n-1) lines will be added automatically to your opponents’ stack. When you make a combo (3 straight clearings), for any one clearing you make after that, 1 line will be added automatically to your opponents’ stack.

You can also record the game and watch it and enjoy it later!

Adventure Mode:
Try to remove the blocks below the blue line on the screen within a given period of time. There are 48 maps waiting for you, and we are adding new maps constantly!

Classic Mode:
This is the original puzzler. Try to hold a long time and score as many points across 20 levels. It is a long journey home!
You can also take this as opportunities to practice before you play with other people online.

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