***Most Fun Drinking Game Ever!!!***
Drink your beers with this game, and challenge your friends with this app.

Ready to aim the bee with your pee!

Start the game and tilt your phone to right or left to aim the bee. If you pee outside the urinal, than thats negative points for you! so try to aim it carefully!

Every successful aiming unlocks the next level and you have 6 levels with different drunkness level to enjoy!

Challenge yourself to try killing the bee with your pee. If you are drunk, try to focus more or dont drink much.

With this game, you will have 6 different levels that would allow you to shoot and kill the bee with different hardness and aim options.

So, finish your beer, wait a while, go to toilet, and hit it hard!

This game is dedicated to the kindest person; to one and only Dt…

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