Pee & Poo Save The World


Holy crap! Earth’s baby animals are being abducted by a race of diabolical aliens. Help Pee & Poo save the world by chucking pee balloons, bags of flaming poop and plungers at their pink & blue faces. Great aim and quick fingers are all you need. That and a boysenberry-scented candle. In our world, a fart is the sound of bravery!

Pee & Poo Save the World features:
:: 6 levels of surprising landscapes each with multiple stages (NEW levels coming soon)
:: Multiple weapons and 2 secret weapons to unlock
:: Progress bar to let you know when you’re about to win or lose
:: The most adorable animals that you’ll want to hug & tickle for the rest of your life
:: All the fart sounds a tasteful person like you could ever wish for

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