Pee Monkey Plant Bloom

Pee Monkey Plant Bloom is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Pee Monkey Plant Bloom Review

Say what you will about the tastefulness of this series, but Pee Monkey is laughing all the way to the bank’s bathroom. With over two million downloads of games like Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer, this adorably crude little monkey now aims to piss off Angry Birds.

Pee Monkey Flower Bloom is a physics puzzler that takes the premise of Angry Birds and replaces the pigs with flower pots and the flying birds with a stream of urine. Pee Monkey stands off to the left, holding it in, until you set the angle of his spray. Then you hit the “pee” button and try to hit the flower pots to give his plants life-sustaining water.

Potty like a rock star.

Yes, it’s pretty gross. But Pee Monkey himself is also oddly adorable, and doesn’t come across as disgusting so much as funny. The other visual elements in the game are pretty plain and forgettable, and levels are stocked with a lot of the same wood and ice blocks found in similar physics games. There are a few exceptions, like a windmill, roulette table, and wind chime.

Pee Monkey Plant Bloom really needs a strong physics engine to stand out from other Angry Birds clones, but this one comes across as unimpressive. Objects feel floaty and unsubstantial, and you’ll probably have to reset a few times when falling boxes block your flower pots.

Oh, grow up.

We also have to wonder if the game wouldn’t be more fun if you could adjust the strength of Pee Monkey’s stream, like pulling back on the slingshot in Angry Birds. With a bit more power, we have no doubt that Pee Monkey could pressure-wash mountains into canyons.

Pee Monkey Flower Bloom is not for everyone. If you’re sick of Angry Birds clones or you don’t find the potty humor funny, don’t bother downloading this game. But if you can’t get enough of Pee Monkey, and millions of you can’t, you won’t be too disappointed, either.