“Payback could well be the best Grand Theft Auto clone you’ve never heard of. …there’s absolutely no reason not to get in on this superbly crafted videogame” – 91%, GamesTM

“This is one of the most addicting games in the Apple Store today, get it!” – The Boston Globe

“Payback is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive gaming experience the App Store has to offer.” –

“Moving through the game’s various cities, tossing grenades at oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, car jack ing fast rides, and gunning down rival gangs makes for rather engrossing gameplay.” –

“The soundtrack, the graphics, the voices were all amazing … If you have an iPhone and like the classic style view of GTA, pick up the game!” – Grand Theft Auto 4 HQ

“This is truly a killer app for the iPhone.” –

+ 11 huge 3D environments – explore city streets, ice-covered lakes, parks, desert badlands and many more varied locations
+ Stunning HDR lighting
+ Dozens of varied vehicles – everything from tanks to rocket cars!
+ Full soundtrack (both speech and music)
+ Different weather and times of day
+ Varied, visceral weaponry
+ Automatic save system – exit at any time, never lose your progress

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