Pattern Puzzle Lite

★★ Universal App! (iPhone + iPad) ★★
★★★ ‘Pattern Puzzle’ is simple and extremely addictive pattern puzzle game. ★★★

★ USER REVIEW : 4.5/5.0 ★
– Addictive fun for hours, This game is challenging and keeps you busy for hours, well worth downloading! – HerbKS
– Brain Teaser, It really is A Great Excersize For The Brain To Get It Going :) – De’Vona Battle
– Pattern Puzzle, Great game to play when u r bored – dancediva5678
– Smart, I like this game cuz it makes you think really hard once you get to the higher levels – Purpl3Haz3
– Awesome, This game is so awesome I can’t ever put my phone down!!! – May may Johnson
– Pattern Puzzle, I Totally loved this game! Best way to spend time!

★ Wake up your sleeping brain.
★ Feel like that your brain is good, and feel a sense of fullfillment.
★ The rule is simple, but the game which is never easy will excite quietly your competitive spirit.

☛ Rule of Game
1. Connect all the dots marked by number.
2. However, you must connect each dot as many as the number of dot.
3. It is possible to start in any dot marked by number.
4. You cannot connect the dots twice in the same direction.
5. You can connect all the dots in more ways than one. 

✔ Easy and addictive brain testing puzzle game.
✔ Support 3 Different level : easy/normal/hard
✔ Awesome and unique 72 pattern puzzle.
✔ 6 dot colors
✔ Support Full Retina Display (640 * 960)
✔ Support Game Center : Leader boards, Achievements.

☛ Full Version
✔ Support 3 base pattern : 3×3, 4×4, 5×5
✔ Support 4 Different level : easy/normal/hard/pro
✔ Awesome and unique 1056 pattern puzzle.

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