PathPix Pro

Universal Rating: 4+

PathPix Pro is a game from Kris Pixton, originally released 12th November, 2009


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PathPix Pro Review

Sick of Sudoku? Tired of the crossword puzzle craze? Solving the numerical logic puzzles of PathPix Pro, for most puzzle aficionados, will be a brand-new experience. In this pack of 300 puzzles, you create colorful images from a plain grid of numbers, by thoughtfully connecting two points with your fingers. It all adds up to be one of the best collection of puzzles on the iPhone.

PathPix Pro takes the simple formula of the original, and adds several variations as well as hundreds of even tougher puzzles. You start with a grid of colored numbers, and the goal is to connect them together using a particular number of spaces. You can connect two red twos, for example, that are directly adjacent. Two eights, however, must be connected with six spaces between them (for a total of eight squares filled in with that color).

You will begin to see these when you close your eyes.

These connections take winding routes, and in the end, every single space of your grid will be taken up if you fill it in correctly. Then, you’re left with a pixilated image– usually an animal, but it could also be an object like a lamp, or a scenic view like Yosemite’s Half Dome. Besides the image, your reward is a thought-provoking quote or adage, and then it’s on to the next puzzle, which you can tackle in any order.

PathPix Pro offers a staggering amount of these puzzles, and some of the trickier variations (like puzzles that only contain large numbers, or puzzles that reveal geometric shapes instead of animals and everyday objects) will really test your skills. All in all, there are at least 50 hours of gameplay crammed into this game, if you try to complete every puzzle. It’ll definitely last you longer than just about any other game, for a bargain price.

Find the fish.

For puzzle lovers, buying PathPix Pro doesn’t require a second thought. We think it’s simply the best puzzle collection available for the iPhone. While it’s a straightforward game, with no sound effects, timer, or high score features whatsoever, it’s a perfectly executed concept that you will enjoy even more the longer you play it. We wish all games were as endlessly satisfying as this stunning puzzle app.