Path Maker HD

Path Maker for iPad is an interesting game that you will get hooked for hours.

In Path Maker you will come across 3 colored marbles and containers with a predefined values. You have to guide the colored marbles to its respective colored containers by drawing path with limited ink. Sounds Simple, but it isn’t so.

Ensure to fill the container up to the level indicated with respective colored marbles adding up to the value marked.

Game will be over if you lead the wrong marbles into colored container. This game makes you think cleverly and sometimes ‘outside the box’ to find a solution. So come on folks, start playing Path Maker now with challenging levels that are tougher than ever.
Gosh…The ink supply is very limited so use it wisely…!

* 60 complex levels
* A game designed for everyone
* Integrated with OpenFeint and GameCenter
* Use the ink wisely since it is limited in every level

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