Party Popper Lite

Party Popper — the fun never ends!

Step into a crazy balloon party!
As long as you keep popping, the party keeps going!
Just keep your greedy hands off the cakes!

Party Popper rocks your iOS device with an attractive, active, and very interactive gameplay!

In a race against time, slash, swipe, drag, tap, shake, tilt, spin and even flip to pop the different shaped balloons.
Explore the 7 mind-boggling Boss Modes.
Unlock amazing bonuses!

Game Features:
-insanely fast game play
-combo moves
-7 crazy boss modes
-bonus achievements
-real retina display graphics

Don’t forget to check out the How To Tutorial in the game before playing .

Party Popper Lite lets you play up to the second boss, test and see if you have the skills to keep the party going !

The current version supports 3rd and 4th generation iDevices only.

Youtube gameplay video:

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