Party Fundraiser USA 2012 Pro

Democrat? Republican? Still haven’t decided?

No matter what you are, you can have fun with the ultimate 2012 Election

PARTY FUNDRAISER is a national social game to raise “funds” for your
candidate. Choose your character – Obama, Romney, Clinton and more – and
chomp down as many coins as you can while being chased by the other party’s
goons, Pac-Man style. Compete for high scores, to unlock new characters and
levels, and go against your friends on Facebook.

Most of all, PARTY FUNDRAISER is a nationwide contest for which party can
raise the most overall funds. So check the leader board and start Party
Fundraising for your team today!

– Play as Obama, Hilary, Romney, Bush Jr. and more.
– See the National Party Fundraising for the Democrats and Republicans.
– Top characters include political legends like JFK.
– Multiple levels of increasing difficulty.
– Earn coins to unlock new levels, boost up your character, or contribute to
Party Gifts.
– Share with friends.
– Help Your Team Win!

The “Pro” version allows you to permanently unlock your feature character, extends the term of party gifts from 4 to 6 seconds, gives you three times as many gadgets and offers additional scenes for you to play on!

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