Particle Rage

*First update has been submitted*
*Please review* I will read all comments!
*Current focus* (Setting sharing, ui overhaul)

A 3D particle playground and music visualizer.
Craft the perfect visual experience!
*WARNING* performance on older devices gets choppy at 1000+ particles
Save it and come back to it any time!

Cube/Plane is included.
Torus is available for purchase.
Spectrum Visualizer is available for purchase.
Many more planned!

*Music Visualization*
Select a song from your music library and watch it come alive!
Tweak other settings for something truly unforgettable!

Repeatable, delay-able, and place-able force points.
Repulsive or attractive forces.
Ability to add a falloff and maximum range to forces.
Spring particles to the origin or their original positions.

Change the particles to any color.
Choose random color for a Christmas lights effect.
Color particles according to distance.
Fluctuate between two colors over time.

Slow time down.
Pause to admire your work!
Easily take screenshots.

*Many additional features planned*
Visit the forums at ( to ask questions, suggest features, report bugs, and most of all share what you have discovered!

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