Parrot Bomber

Playing on the accuracy of impact.
The game begins with the emergence of a number of five pumpkins.
Parrot flies over the pumpkin with coconut in its talons.
Clicking on any of the stones parrot releases coconut.
It is necessary to get a coconut on any pumpkin among.
After contact with coconut into a pumpkin, pumpkin turns in watermelon.
And if a coconut falls into a watermelon, he turns back into a pumpkin.
When all the pumpkins turned into watermelons appears next row of pumpkins .
Next row is one less than the previous one.
And so on until you see the top of one pumpkin.
When the last pumpkin turns into a watermelon we move to the next level.
The next level begins with a series of pumpkins is one more than the previous one.
The game has five levels.

Don’t hurry, just play!