Parchis HD: Pocket

iPad’s Parchis HD turns pocket-sized! At last comes a Parcheesi game were you won’t need to go to your oculist after playing a few rounds.

Auto-Zoom function! The camera follows the match so don’t lose any detail, when your turn arrives, you’ll have time to think your movement with a fullscreen view.

Play against your family and friends or play solo, trying to defeat the machine. Any player can be substituted by the AI.

Play by teams of two! The only digital Parcheesi with that game mode.

Very easy-to-slide pieces. Start dragging one and a star will show you the destination square, look how it auto-adjust in its place when you release it.

Funny effects for funnier matches; quick and easy to use menus to access the game sooner; beautiful design, reminiscent of the classic Parcheesi board…

***NOTE: Auto-zoom function only available for iPhone 4, iPhone 4s & 4th generation iPod Touch

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