Parchis Free HD

Are you the Parchis or Ludo enthusiast? Get the totally FREE Parchis on your iPad NOW!!

The Parchis Free supports you to play against your friends or AI computer or compete against the nearby people by Blutooth, with the beatiful graphics will bring you genuine real world experience. As both dice games and board games, Parchis requires dice luck and strategy thinking. Play with your friends and see who has better dice luck.


Parchis (or ludo, pachisi and parcheesi) is a game for two to four players. Players take turn to roll, can only take off when roll a six on the dice. Try you best to hit others and make them return to home base. The winner is the first to take all his pieces to destination.


1. Three levels, meeting needs of all players.

2. Challenging computer or play with your friend on the same device, can play against 1-3 computer players or 2-4 players.

3. Great graphics and exciting sound effects.


Pocket Games is very honored to present this game to you, sincerely hope you can enjoy it. Please don’t hesitate to feedback Pocket Games any of your suggestion.

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