Parcel Dogs HD

Welcome to the world of the Parcel Dogs!

Now available in brilliant HD on the iPad giving you a greater view of the Parcel Dog world.

Help Jim and Speedy Parcel beat Crazy Dave and his delivery service.

With 30 Levels of fun you will control Jim’s delivery van as he goes through his parcel collection duty.

Stunning Top Down graphics paired with exciting in game physics immerse you into Jim’s job.

Using your map, find his parcels and get them back to the depot. Don’t let Crazy Dave get in your way, steal your parcels or get hit by his boobytraps. Oh, and don’t get more than one speeding ticket, the Police are ruthless and will chase you to take your wheels!

30 challenging tracks available for you to navigate your way around, including different weather conditions. Try and get the most points on Game Center, and pick up the bone achievements.

You have four missions which will see you picking parcels up and avoiding Crazy Dave, Destroying Taxis, Get your Revenge on Dave and escape from Scary Trevor!

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