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Parachute Panic HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Parachute Panic Review

Parachute Panic will quickly endear itself to casual and hardcore gamers alike with its quirky sense of humor, unique art style and straightforward gameplay. However, a few holes in its parachute made our interest drop just a bit too quickly.

The game starts with little stick figures fearlessly jumping out of planes, oblivious to the parachutes strapped to their backs. It’s up to you to deploy them before they fall to their deaths. It’s not that easy, though. It never is.

Watch that first step.

The skies are filled with helicopters that will dice your guys into little bits if you don’t eliminate them by tapping five times in rapid succession. Likewise, aliens will zoom in with little warning and beam your parachuters into spaceships unless you manage to kill them first.

The trickiest obstacle is the raincloud. These suckers will zap your parachuters into oblivion if they get near, and unlike the aliens and helicopters, they can’t be affected in any way. Oh, and did we mention that you’ll be landing on moving ships?

To give you a fighting chance, you can draw gusts of wind by swiping your finger across the screen. This allows you to guide the floating parachuters away from obstacles and onto the ships. If you fail to save five parachuters, the game is over. The first time you see eight floating stick figures, a helicopter and an alien ship onscreen at once you’ll quickly understand why they called this game Parachute Panic.

We found ourselves smashing our fingers all over the screen, trying to eradicate enemies while deploying parachutes and frantically drawing gusts of wind. Unfortunately, the difficulty ramps up a little too quickly for our liking, and the game is over before you know it. A more gradual difficulty curve would make the game far less frustrating and more enjoyable overall.

Luckily, the beatbox soundtrack (complete with an encouraging ‘game over’ ditty), sketchbook art and silly sense of humor keep things lighthearted, even after the most bitter of defeats. If the developer eases the difficulty curve and implements some much-needed online leaderboards, this could become a must have game. As it stands, Parachute Panic is a fun addition to the App Store that doesn’t quite live up to its full potential.