In PaperDefense you’re such a little cute dinosaur who has to get rid of all the junks thrown from the windows by someone immoral to keep the street clean.

As a street defender you can learn how to clean the junks in no time:Tap the junks to switch their positions in order to make the same ones together,so that you can slash them just like the incredible experience of tearing paper to pieces.Of course, after a few levels the dropping junks will be more and more and speed up faster,and the locks will show up to stop you cleaning the junks.


*Colourful and cute doodle paper style
*A challenging game with simple tap and slash control
*More than 7 different kinds of junks drive you crazy
*Bomb and Colourful Wheel surprises
*The locks make you more difficult to fight
*Incredibly joyful paper tearing experience
*Anyone in this game can be an Enviroment-Friendly person

PaperDefense is such a simple and funny game that everyone can enjoy it and be the super defender of your street.Get it now!

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