Paper Toss: World Tour

Paper Toss: World Tour is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Paper Toss: World Tour

A couple of months ago, a kooky game grabbed thousands of iPhone users looking for free entertainment. Paper Toss, a crumpled paper ball tossing simulation, was a sick little game. The fun was there, but the depth wasn’t. Paper Toss: World Tour is essentially a beefier remix, and it has gone global.

Figuring out Paper Toss: World Tour doesn’t take long. Put simply, your objective is to put the ball in the hole. Flick your finger on the screen, score the bucket, and get your happy dance on.

In Soviet Russia, paper tosses you! What a country.

The ‘it’ factor in Paper Toss: World Tour work is its physics. Before each toss, you’re given indicators that display the direction and intensity of wind in the environment. We loved these elements.

Paper Toss: World Tour provides a group of unique environments where you can get your toss on. The subtitle ‘World Tour’ means something here, as you’ll be tossing paper in locales from the Taj Mahal in India to the tropical rainforests in South America. Things keep getting harder with each new spot, and there’s support for online leaderboards.

Production value didn’t take a backseat to gameplay here. Slick menus and an inspired, yet consistent, art direction are executed well. All the environments have smooth incidental animations going on in the backgrounds.

We’re feeling Paper Toss: World Tour. While this game perfectly simulates the sensation of tossing balls in a bucket, still, nothing beats the sensation of doing it live in your office… with an audience.