Paper Toss 2.0

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $24.99) Universal Rating: 4+

Paper Toss 2.0 is a game from Backflip Studios, originally released 8th December, 2011


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Paper Toss 2.0 Review

Paper Toss 2.0 is actually the third entry into the popular series about throwing crumpled up pieces of paper into a trashcan. It’s the official sport of bored office peons worldwide, and who can blame them? You can get sucked into this activity for hours before you notice it’s time to get back to work. Playing on your phone just means less mess and less of a chance that your boss will get angry.

The core game has changed little from previous iterations. You must flick a ball of paper towards a trashcan while taking the wind direction (via office fan) into consideration. There’s no set start and end to the game, since you’re scored based on the number of consecutive shots you can make at any given time. Each of the six levels has different features, such as various trashcan distances, moving trashcans, employees to hit, bonus baskets, and more.

Another unproductive day at the office.

What makes Paper Toss 2.0 a cut above other free minigames is the wide variety of objects to be thrown, each with unique traits and physics. Some balls bounce off the environment, others (such as the tomato) splatter, bananas spin like a boomerang, and the list goes on. These items are unlocked with paper points, the in-game currency. Points can easily be unlocked by scoring. Making a basket in harder levels and special baskets, such as cups on desks, awards more paper points. There’s also an option to pay real money for bulk points, but doing so takes all the fun out of earning them, and frankly, they’re quite easy to get.

Paper points can also be used to buy power-ups. The problem with these is that they require far too many points for a one-time use with little return. For example, one power-up makes the basket bigger for your next throw and another turns off the fan for a single turn. The only power-up we found to be useful was rewind, which allows you to redo a missed shot when you’re on a streak.

Are you sure this is in my contract?

Did we mention that Paper Toss 2.0 is absolutely free? You’ll never have to pay a dime if you don’t want to. There are ads during gameplay along the top of the screen, but they’re unobtrusive. If you prefer them gone, a $.99 purchase will remove all ads from the game.

Also, GameCenter leaderboards mean you can still face off against fellow employees and friends. The flaw in these leaderboards is that they aren’t separated by object. Considering that each object behaves differently, this can skew the boards.

Download Paper Toss 2.0 with confidence. It’s a classic time waster gone digital, a major upgrade over the original, and best of all, it’s free. Now go get your paper tossing on.